Introduce myself

Please introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself but, please, no long conversations here.
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Re: Introduce myself

Post by dream4red »

Welcome to the phunny pharm where sanity is a questionable condition :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Just get out there and enjoy life

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Re: Introduce myself

Post by SemiD »

Thanks for all the welcomes. Yes I got home alright but the wind up front to the border had me back in 3rd gear at 60k flat out. Quite a battle. Have been out of hospital for a week after getting a tin knee so I am a bit slow at present. I will get some photos of SemiDtached and put them on the forum for those interested. I am a dinosaur were forums and computers are concerned so please bear with me if I stuff up

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Re: Introduce myself

Post by BruceS »

Ouch! All the best with the recovery & hope you'll soon be out and about again.
We're mostly all old dinosouraus on this forum so you'll be at home...!! (well except Ray!)
I used to just pull up in strong wind & then go like hell once it dropped but sometimes schedules get in the way.
:evil: :twisted:
Mannum, SA


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Re: Introduce myself

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Didn't you have a tin knee when you were here getting the battery and solar install? Did you get the other one done as well now?
Not sure I'd opt to have bone type work done while it was still cold, the cold really seems to bite deep into any bone break area even after a few yrs, but a fresh break, ouch...
Hope you are up and about again soon and the aches and pains are fading away

T1 Terry & Margaret
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