Power bills

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Re: Power bills

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Busman wrote: Mon Sep 26, 2022 12:22 pm So it seems to me that the best way to go is to put in a solar system and battery without bothering to tell them ? In our case we already have a changeover switch in place, that would block them from accessing any power.
I would guess they use a frequency signal to tell inverters to send out battery power, same sort of thing they send to Zellweger devices to turn on off peak hot water systems ?
If you run your shore power to the RV inverters, then from there to the house/factory, the battery can not be drained through that mains connection. An auto change over switch to move the solar from the bus batteries to the grid tied inverter when the bus batteries were fully charged so you only dump to the grid the solar power you can't use or store. Fine tune the change over to the point that once the bus battery drops below the float voltage, the solar reverts to the batteries away from the grid tied inverter.
Doing it this way, any heavy loads will be assisted by the solar and the battery pack.

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