tanks "SARACEN"- 2003-2013

Some of our best mates are pets of all descriptions.
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Keith Morris
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tanks "SARACEN"- 2003-2013

Post by Keith Morris »

Just remembering my loyal loving pet and companion who lived with me for 10 years.
He was an Irish Wolf Hound with a very placid nature.

"SARACEN" (2003-2013)

If it should be that I grow frail and weak
And pain should keep me from my sleep
Then you must do what must be done
For this last battle can't be won.

We've had so many happy years
What is to come can hold no fears
You'd not want me to suffer so
When the time comes please let me go.

Take me to where my needs they'll tend
Only stay with me until the end
And hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see.

Don't grieve that it should be you
Who has to decide this thing to do
We've been so close, we two these years
Don't let your heart hold any tears.

Sorry, I'm off for another cry session with "Russell as I remember my "Saracen"

I'm now 85 years of age and living in WA, single (gave up looking), white hair, no teeth, no address, no money, no worries.
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Re: tanks "SARACEN"- 2003-2013

Post by BillieBlue »

Sorry to hear about the loss of your old mate Keith,That poem was so beautiful ,it chocked me up,
Billie Blue
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Re: tanks "SARACEN"- 2003-2013

Post by Dot »

Some times it pays not to remember :( :( I have a friend that has just made that kind decision for her fur baby but before that happens she is doing all the things her dog loves. Yesterday she took her through the Maccas drive through and got her a big Mac then they went to the beach for a swim.
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Re: tanks "SARACEN"- 2003-2013

Post by Chuck »

Onya Tanks.

I could barely see the screen at the end... Image
Chuck & Catriana
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Re: tanks "SARACEN"- 2003-2013

Post by Lance »

Isn't it wonderful how our pets can dig a hole into our hearts and lives, and leave that hole when they leave us.
We've been touched in similar ways Keith, it's never easy, but it's never forgotten either, no matter how many years pass.
Lance & Annee
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Re: tanks "SARACEN"- 2003-2013

Post by GoinBush »

Sorry for you Tanks :cry:
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Re: tanks "SARACEN"- 2003-2013

Post by supersparky »

Is it that long ago already, we all feel for you Tanks.

I'm a bit like Chuck, I could hardly see the screen at the end. Very touching.

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Re: tanks "SARACEN"- 2003-2013

Post by Shirley »

Yes very touching poem Tanks.
I still love & remember my red kelpie Ginger that i had as a kid, my g'dad shot him after he had been knocked by a car, he was 17yrs old, lame in one leg & blind, o what a sad day, I was 17yrs too.
Shirley & Bruce.
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T1 Terry
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Re: tanks "SARACEN"- 2003-2013

Post by T1 Terry »

Thankyou Tanks, you put into words a view from the other side of what many of us must go through, it does help lift the heart and remind us we did what we thought was the best for our mate for so many years. It was hard when we had to let Jake our 3 legged cat pass over to the other world, but without a quality to life I felt it is selfish not to let him rest in peace. I hope someone will do the same for me one day and I'll have as much understanding that it was a selfless act of kindness.
now I'll go and find the tissues yet again

T1 Terry & Margaret
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